How Long Does Nsfas Take To Pay Allowance 2023-2024

By | December 21, 2022

How Long Does Nsfas Take To Pay Allowance 2023-2024

How Long Does Nsfas Take To Pay Allowance 2023-2024

How Long Does Nsfas Take To Pay Allowance 2023-2024: Now that you’ve been approved to receive funding, the next important thing to know is the dates of allowance payments. And we assume that is why you’re on this page. In this article, we’re discussing NSFAS allowance payment dates for the 2024 academic year.

How Long Does Nsfas Take To Pay Allowance

NSFAS pays allowances to students in the first week of every month. Your allowance money is paid to you in a disbursement process where you receive the allowances on a monthly basis. This means your NSFAS allowances will not be paid in a combined amount for the whole year in which you’ll be getting the funding.

What Does the NSFAS Cover?

The amounts given for housing, living allowance, transportation, and learning materials must be in accordance with the most recent DHET criteria.

  • Accommodation allowance
  • Transport allowance
  • Living allowance
  • Learning material allowance
  • Incidental/personal care allowance

Nsfas Money Per Month

NSFAS Allowance For TVET College Students Payable Amount (Monthly) Payable Amount (Per Annum)
Incidental/Personal Care Allowance R242 R2900
Accommodation in Rural Areas R1,312 R15,750
Accommodation in Peri-Urban Area R1,575 R18,900
Accommodation in Urban Area R2000 R24,000
Transport R583 R7000
Transport (up to 40km from the institution) R613 R7,350
NSFAS monthly allowances for TVET College Students

Also, when you’re approved to receive the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funding as a TVET College student, NSFAS covers your registration fees and tuition fees. The registration fees and tuition fees are defined by your institution per the academic semester or year.


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